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Tasman Sea Salt

Harvested from the clear seas of Tassie's east coast, the Tasman Sea Salt range are natural, full of flavour and perfect for enhancing the taste of any food.

Tasman Sea Salt Flakes - pure Tasmanian sea salt flakes, rich in trace minerals, 250g.

Smoked Salt - Tasman Sea Salt cold smoked over Tasmanian oak creating a richly aromatic, smoky caramel flavour. Use for flavouring meat, fish and vegetables. 80g.

Pepper Berry - Tasman Sea Salt flavoured with Tasmanian Pepper Berries. A versatile mix for meats and desserts. 80g.

Wakame Seaweed - Tasman Sea Salt mixed with locally foraged Wakame Seaweed, adding depth and earthiness to your cooking. Delicious with meat, seafood or sprinkled on vegetables for added flavour. 80g.

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