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Native Cherry Vodka

Last summer, the Native Cherry trees across Bangor had a bumper crop! We hand picked a batch of their delicious fruit, and with our friends at Hellfire Distillery, have made a very limited quantity of Native Cherry Vodka.

For 12 weeks, we steeped the berries in vodka, then filtered and bottled. Nothing but native cherries, Hellfire vodka, and love.

And the result - it's delicious! Smooth and golden, with a delightfully complex palette of vanilla, pear, allspice and citrus.

We picked enough fruit to make just 40 of these 100 mL bottles (it takes a lot of picking to get a couple of kg of these small berries!), and they are available only to our Wine Club members.

Exclusive to Wine Club members only.

$20 per bottle.

100 mL, 40% abv

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