Accessibility at Bangor

We are here to help. We warmly invite you to contact us with any questions at all. We will work with you to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as we can. It is important to us that every visitor feels comfortable and included, and has an enjoyable visit to Bangor.

Carpark and access

There is level access from the large gravel carpark into the building, with accessible parking next to the building. There is one continuous level from the carpark, into the building, throughout the building, and out onto our large covered deck. There is also ample parking for vans and busses.

Inside Tables & Seating

We have a range of table and seating options in the restaurant. Our restaurant tables are all wide, with Tasmanian Oak timber tops that overhang. Our 4 person tables have a central pedestal with 4 legs that run along the floor. Our larger 8 person tables have 4 straight legs, one in each corner. We also have a high window bar and wine barrel tables.

We have standard restaurant chairs with no arms, and high padded bar stools with a back. There is a couch near the fireplace.

Table Booking

When booking a restaurant table inside you will see two table options, Standard and High Top. Choose the type of table an seating that suits your needs. You can leave a note at booking. Please use this to let us know of anything that we can do to help make your visit more enjoyable. We will do everything we can to accommodate your visit. You can also call us (03) 62 535 558, or email, before you visit for more information and to chat with us about any specific requirements you may have. We are here to help.

Standard - standard restaurant table

High Top - a stool with a back at our window bar or at a wine barrel

Outdoor Deck

We have a large outdoor deck area that is covered and heated. This area is not bookable. We recommend booking an inside table, especially in the cooler months. You can always move outside, but if the weather is bad, there may not be a spare table inside. If sitting outside, we recommend bringing a jacket. There is level access from the carpark, into the building, throughout the building and out onto the deck. The deck has wooden picnic tables with low metal stools, plus higher stools at our long outside bar.


We have a large grassy lawn area that is fenced. Access to the lawns is via the deck. There is a slope from the deck level down onto the lawns, with both stairs and a grassy ramp for access. We have picnic tables on the lawns (not bookable) with umbrellas for shade. There is also access to the lawns via a gate from the carpark.


Our male and female bathrooms are ambulant compliant with full handrails. We have one accessible bathroom, that is kept clear of any obstacles for full access.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting happens at our main bar. Tasting is seated on our bar stools. You can also have your wine tasting at a restaurant table or on the deck. You can have a wine tasting any time during your visit, no booking needed. You can also pre-book a tasting online when booking your table. We also encourage you to call (30) 62 535 558 or email, prior to your visit to let us know you would like to do a tasting, and about any requirements you might have.

We have a number of wine tasting experiences for you at Bangor. Our friendly and experienced team will lead you through our wine range in a relaxed way. Learn about our wines and how they are made, along with some of the history and colourful characters that have been part of the Bangor story for over 400 years.


We have a range of food options at Bangor's restaurant, and we accommodate a wide range of dietary needs including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Many of our dishes can be modified to suit dietary needs, just ask us. If you have an allergy, or have specific dietary requirements, please leave a note when booking, or give us a call (03) 62 535 558, or email We are here to help.

Quiet Spaces

We understand that for some visitors music, sound, noise, and activity can be difficult. Please get in touch with us by email, or phone (03) 62 535 558, to discuss how we can help. We have quiet spaces, and an adjustable sound system for creating quiet zones.


We warmly welcome all families to Bangor Vineyard Shed. We have our very own Bangor colouring sheets and pencils, a cubby house and sandpit, a huge fenced lawn area, high chairs, a baby change table, and a children's menu (many of our regular dishes can also be adapted). Please contact us for more information.


Assistance animals are always welcome at Bangor Vineyard Shed. We have dog bowls for water, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Pets are warmly welcome at Bangor, outside on a lead (no pets inside). Please clean up after your pet keeping our lawn mess free for other guests.

Keep in mind that Bangor is both a working farm and a nature conservation reserve. Pets need to stay on a lead.

Help and Support

We are here to help. Our team are caring, passionate locals who are trained in customer service. Most of our team have current training and certification in basic first aid and CPR. Please contact us if you have any questions at all, or if there is anything that we can do to support your visit to Bangor.