Bangor Comes to the Cascades Female Factory

Bangor Comes to the Cascades Female Factory

Nov 07, 2023Vanessa Dunbabin

Saturday 25th Nov, 3-6pm

Discover a poignant piece of Tasmania's heritage with us at the Cascades Female Factory. Our family's journey, like many on the island, begins with the convergence of two paths: those of John Dunbabin and Ann Eccles, convicts whose narratives have become entwined with our own.

While the tales of male convicts at Port Arthur are often recounted, the experiences of convict women resonate within the walls of the Female Factory. It was here, in 1837, that Ann's story unfolded on Tasmanian soil at just 18, a world away from her life in Liverpool.

In honour of Ann and the untold stories of female convicts in Tasmania, we have been granted exclusive access to the Female Factory for an intimate glimpse into their world. This special event promises a blend of history, storytelling, Bangor wine and food.

Join us for a unique opportunity to explore the redeveloped Female Factory site. Delve into the life of Ann Eccles as recounted by Tom Dunbabin, and be inspired by Dr. Christina Henri’s passionate work on the Female Convicts Bonnet Project.

Mark your calendars for an afternoon of remembrance, discovery, and Tasmanian convict heritage. We look forward to seeing you there!

3 hour event includes:

  • Notorious Strumpets and the Dangerous Girls private tour of the Cascades Female Factory, exploring the attitude towards convict women, the challenges they faced and resilience they demonstrated.
  • Talk from Tom Dunbabin about the life of convict Ann Eccles, with a presentation from Dr Christina Henri about the Convict Women's Bonnet Project.
  • Bangor wine and nibbles.
  • $75 pp.

Meet at the Cascades Female Factory Visitors Centre, 16 Degraves St, South Hobart. 3pm, Saturday, 25th November.

Bangor history event at the Cascades Female Factory, South Hobart.

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