Bangor Wine Science Workshop

Bangor Wine Science Workshop

Jul 31, 2019Vanessa Dunbabin

Where does that wine in my bottle come from? Follow the journey of wine from grapes on the vines, to the winery, and into your bottle via the lab. Discover the collision of science, art, romance and passion that is Tasmanian wine. Meet the people who make it all happen, and taste a drop or two.

Matt & Vanessa Dunbabin from Bangor Vineyard will shine a light on the vineyard and the science that goes into growing premium Tasmanian wine grapes. Keira O’Brien (Technical Wine Maker) will share with you the journey of the grapes through the winery, from crushed berries to bottled wine. Annie Baldwin (Tassie State Manager, Vintessential Laboratories) will tell you about the role that the lab plays in the wine journey. See wine in various stages of being made, and some of the lab tests used to guarantee that your Tassie pinot is amazing. What happens in the vineyard to ensure that Tassie grapes are some of the most highly prized in the world? Touch, taste and smell the world of wine science.

Sat 17th August, 7-8pm.

About BeakerStreet@TMAG: BeakerStreet@TMAG is a pop-up science bar at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 16-17 August 2019. Join us for two packed nights of talks by world-leading scientists, hands-on workshops, live music, the Science Photography Prize, hot spirits, Tassie wine and food, 150 roving scientists to have a beer with, and much more! Check out the full program at

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