Easter at Bangor

Easter at Bangor

Mar 31, 2023Vanessa Dunbabin

Due to the inclement weather, the Easter Egg Hunt in the Vines has been re-scheduled to 3pm Easter Monday (10th April).

Welcome to the wonderful annual Easter egg hunt in the vines at Bangor Vineyard, Tasmania! Get ready for a fun country vineyard experience as you join in the excitement of searching for hidden treasures amidst the breathtaking vineyard views.

It's a fun event that brings families together, creating unforgettable memories and a strong connection with nature. Join us for a delightful celebration of the season, where the spirit of joy and discovery awaits you at the Bangor Easter Egg Hunt in the Vines. You'll even find some hidden surprises for the adults!

This is a free event. Everyone is welcome. No booking needed for the hunt, just arrive by 2:50pm. It will be cold, so bring hats, coats and gumboots to help keep warm and dry while you hunt!

It is going to be cold over Easter. If you are visiting for a meal then a table booking is essential.

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