Easter at Bangor

Easter at Bangor

Mar 22, 2024Vanessa Dunbabin

Easter Sunday Fun!

We have an eggsplosion of activities planned for Easter Sunday. Come along and enjoy face painting, and our traditional Easter egg hunt in the vines (there might even be a treat hidden for Mum and Dad.....). Easter Sunday, 31st March. No charge for any of the activities, all welcome (no booking needed for the Easter egg hunt).

Face painting for the kids, 11:30-2pm.

Egg hunt in the vines, 1pm.

Wear sturdy shoes for running through the vines and bring a coat in case of cold weather.

Wishing you a Happy Easter 
from our Bangor family to yours

Bangor Vineyard Shed will be open 11 am - 5 pm
over Easter and the school holidays (only closed Good Friday). 

Bookings essential for a table inside - it's super easy to book a table online.


The history of vineyard egg hunts

Have you ever wondered about the history of Easter egg hunts in vineyards?

Early Beginnings

The tradition of Easter egg hunts dates back to the early 1700s in Germany, where children would search for hidden eggs in the garden. As vineyards became more popular in Europe, the tradition spread to vineyard settings, adding a unique twist to the festivities.

Symbolism in Vineyards

In northern hemisphere vineyards, Easter egg hunts took on a new meaning, symbolising the search for new life and growth in the vineyard after the dormant winter months. The colourful eggs hidden among the vines represented the vibrant blooms that would soon appear on the grapevines. With Easter falling in Autumn in Australia, and at the time of harvest in Tasmania, it is a wonderful time to celebrate a successful new vintage, before the long months of winter pruning begin.

Modern-Day Celebrations

Today, Easter egg hunts in vineyards have become a popular tradition in wine-growing regions around the world. Families gather to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and search for eggs hidden among the vines.

As the tradition of Easter egg hunts in vineyards continues to evolve, more vineyards are finding creative ways to incorporate this festive activity into their Easter offerings. Whether it's a small family-owned vineyard or a large winery, the joy of searching for Easter eggs among the vines remains a cherished tradition for many.

So next time you visit a vineyard during the Easter season, keep an eye out for colourful eggs hidden among the grapevines. It's a tradition that brings together the beauty of nature, the joy of celebration, the spirit of new beginnings, and a great way for the kids, and adults alike, to get out and about on Easter Sunday.

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