Gourmet Tasting Trail Bangor Winery Tasmania

Tasman Gourmet Tasting Trail

Jun 06, 2023Vanessa Dunbabin
Gourmet Tasting Trail Bangor Winery Tasmania

We’re very excited to be partnering with Hellfire Bluff Distillery and Blue Lagoon Oysters to bring you this incredible experience. Taste oysters fresh out of the ocean at Blue Lagoon, sample vodka, gin, and liqueurs at Hellfire Distillery, and of course a wine tasting and lunch at Bangor. Enjoy some of the best Tassie produce, served with a dose of gorgeous country and coastal views. Come for a drive and experience the Gourmet Tasting Trail for yourself!


Oysters at Blue Lagoon - Enjoy fresh oysters from the pristine waters of Boomer Bay.

Lunch and Wine Tasting at Bangor Vineyard Shed - Wine tasting, food and views.

Spirits Flight at Hellfire Bluff Distillery - Sample handcrafted potato vodka, award-winning gins and sought after liqueurs.

Self guided tour, available 7 days. Bookings not needed at Hellfire Bluff Distillery, or Blue Lagoon Oysters. Bookings for a meal at Bangor recommended on weekends and public holidays:



Map of the Gourmet Tasting Trail Tasmania. Wine, oysters and gin.


Oysters at Blue Lagoon

Taste Blue Lagoon Oysters on the Tasmanian Gourmet Tasting TrailThe Blue Lagoon Oyster farm in Boomer Bay, Tasmania, boasts a remarkable history deeply tied to the region's maritime heritage. Established several decades ago by a group of passionate oyster farmers, the farm's vision was to cultivate and sell fresh, tasty oysters from the pristine waters of Boomer Bay. Today, it stands as the only oyster farmgate on the Tasman Peninsula, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the true essence of Tasmanian oysters. These exceptional oysters are nurtured in Boomer Bay, where they develop a distinctive, fresh, and briny flavor that reflects the surrounding forests and seagrass meadows, shaped by the influence of the East Coast oceanic currents.

As a small farm, Blue Lagoon Oysters specializes in growing beautiful Pacific Oysters and their vibrant sibling, the Premium Tassie Gold Pacific Oyster. Their dedication to preserving native Tasmanian species is evident, as they are the exclusive farmgate in the state to cultivate and sell the unique Angasi oyster. This native variety is only available for a limited period, approximately four months during the cooler months of the year. The farm's land base in Boomer Bay serves as the central hub for oyster sales, but the real magic unfolds a short 10-minute barge trip away in their crystal-clear water lease situated between Marion Bay and Dunalley in South-east Tasmania.

With a passion for their craft, the team at Blue Lagoon Oysters warmly invites visitors to share in their love of oysters. Their commitment to sustainability, quality, and preserving the natural ecosystem has garnered them a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the Tasmanian seafood industry. From the captivating history of their beginnings to the delightful experience of savoring their unique oysters, a visit to Blue Lagoon Oysters promises an unforgettable journey into the world of Tasmanian aquaculture.

We are very proud to stock Blue Lagoon Oysters at Bangor Vineyard Shed, fresh from the waters of the Bay in front of us.


Hellfire Bluff Distillery

Gourmet Tasting Trail Hellfire Bluff Distillery Boomer Bay, TasmaniaHellfire Bluff Distillery in Boomer Bay, Tasmania, is a captivating oasis where the art of distillation meets the beauty of Tasmania's coastal paradise. Situated near the serene waters of Boomer Bay, this distillery encapsulates the essence of its surroundings, infusing their spirits with the purity of the ocean air and the richness of the land. With a deep appreciation for the natural bounty of Tasmania, the distillery carefully selects the finest local ingredients to create their exceptional range of vodka, gins, and liqueurs. From the vibrant botanicals of their gin to their seductive liqueurs, each sip embodies the spirit of the island.

With a commitment to traditional distillation techniques and a passion for showcasing Tasmania's unique flavors, Hellfire Bluff Distillery has become a beacon for both spirit connoisseurs and those seeking an authentic taste of Tasmania's award-winning distilling scene. A visit to this distillery is not only a delightful sensory experience, but also a journey into the heart of Tasmania's picturesque landscapes and the craft of distillation.


Bangor Vineyard Shed

Visit Bangor Vineyard Shed as part of the Tasmanian Gourmet Tasting TrailBangor Shed, is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the scenic Tasmanian countryside, near the seaside township of Dunalley. Our rustic vineyard shed is situated on the historic Bangor property, which boasts a rich agricultural heritage dating back to the 1820s. Surrounded by rolling hills, picturesque vineyards, and breathtaking views of Norfolk and Boomer Bays, the setting is nothing short of mesmerizing. At Bangor Vineyard Shed, visitors can immerse themselves in a delightful wine-tasting experience, sampling a superb selection of handcrafted wines made from the finest estate-grown grapes. From crisp and elegant whites to bold and complex reds, each wine perfectly captures the essence of the region's unique terroir. The Shed's rustic and inviting ambiance offers a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the wines while taking in the tranquility of the surrounding Tasmanian landscape. Stay a while and enjoy a relaxing lunch in our beautiful restaurant. Whether exploring the vineyard, learning about the property's fascinating history, or simply savoring the flavors of their exceptional wines, a visit to Bangor Vineyard Shed promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Tasmania's wine culture.



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