Black Glass Wine Tasting Weekend

Black Glass Wine Tasting Weekend

May 30, 2023Vanessa Dunbabin
Ever tried tasting wine you can't see? Get ready for a sensory explosion! Challenge yourself to rethink what you know about wine by removing the sense of sight – focusing solely on taste and smell. Bangor's Black Glass Tasting experience is available everyday. 5 wines paired with food, 45 minutes of exploring flavours and aromas.
We're having a special launch this weekend (3-4 June) - visit us and try it out! Live music this Sunday with Billy Whitton to add to the fun.
$55pp, 45 mins wine and food, book online or drop in:


What is a Black Glass Wine Tasting?

Bangor Black Glass Wine Tasting ExperienceIt is exactly how it sounds. You have your wine served to you in a black glass, so that you can't see the colour of the wine. It is interesting how much we judge a wine just by what we see, before we've even tasted or smelled it.

The black glasses remove any visual cues that may affect the perception of the wine's taste and aroma, allowing you to focus solely on the sensory characteristics of the wine. This can lead to surprising results. How do you perceive the wine differently from what you expect based on visual cues such as the colour or clarity of the wine?

Wine enjoyment involves all our senses - taste, smell, appearance, and temperature, but many of us underestimate the importance of sensory cues in the wine-drinking experience. The use of black glasses shows how tricky it can be to identify a wine when visual and temperature cues are removed. Even the most discernible characteristics can be challenging to recognise when the colour is indistinguishable, and temperature is not a factor. Tannins, for example, are often thought to distinguish reds from whites, but white wines aged in barrels can acquire tannins and an oaky flavour, while mature red tannins may have softened. We subconsciously use visual cues to make decisions about wine, and it can be hard, even for seasoned tasters, to tell the difference between a red and white wine.

The Bangor Black Glass Tasting takes you on a wine and food journey. 5 Bangor wines are paired with a range of local produce, aimed to get you really thinking about flavours an aromas of food and wine. We guarantee you've never thought this way about wine and food before!

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