Tasman Wildlife Showcase

Tasman Wildlife Showcase

Jul 09, 2024Vanessa Dunbabin

Discover the Wonders of Tasmanian Wildlife at Our Science Showcase

The Tasman region is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and unique habitats in Tasmania. This pristine area offers a refuge for many iconic species, making it a vital part of our natural heritage. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable afternoon to learn about Tasmania's fascinating wildlife from the scientists who dedicate their lives to studying and protecting it.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, 27th July
  • Time: 4 - 7pm
  • Location: Bangor Vineyard Shed
  • Cost: $15 adults, $5 children (5-17 years, children under 5 welcome for free on an adult's lap)
  • Program: Two talks and Q&A, with an intro from Matt Dunbabin (4pm-5:30pm), followed by meet the scientists & nibbles (5:30pm-7pm)
  • Included: Light nibbles (Drinks and light meals available for purchase)

Meet the Experts:

  • Dr. Eric Woehler OAM
    Renowned bird ecologist Dr. Eric Woehler has been conducting research on seabirds and shorebirds for over 40 years. His work has taken him around the globe, but his primary focus for the past two decades has been on Tasmania's shorebirds and seabirds. Dr. Woehler will share his insights on the vital role Tasmania plays as a refuge for these birds. Learn about the secrets of these incredible creatures and why our region is crucial for their survival.

  • Bill Brown
    Wildlife biologist and Tasmanian Devil expert Bill Brown has over 30 years of experience working with Tasmanian wildlife, especially threatened species. Since 2012, Bill has been part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, focusing on the disease-free devil population on the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas. Discover the important role Bangor plays in this conservation effort and gain insights into the management of this unique population.

Why Tasmania is Special for Wildlife:

Tasmania's unique environment, characterised by its diverse habitats and relative isolation, makes it a haven for wildlife. The island is home to numerous species found nowhere else on Earth, including the famous Tasmanian Devil. The varied landscapes, from coastal shores to dense forests, provide crucial habitats that support a rich biodiversity. Conservation efforts, such as those carried out at Bangor, are essential to protect these species and their habitats for future generations.

The Role of Bangor in Conservation:

At Bangor Vineyard Shed, we are deeply committed to nature conservation. Our property includes significant areas of native forests, conservation reserves, and wetlands, providing essential habitats for a variety of wildlife. We are actively involved in conservation programs, such as the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, helping to manage and protect the disease-free devil population. Our efforts extend to protecting shorebirds and other threatened species, ensuring that Bangor remains a sanctuary for Tasmania's unique wildlife.

Why You Should Attend:

This event promises to be engaging and educational for all ages. Whether you're a curious child, a passionate adult, or someone looking to spend an enriching afternoon, our science showcase has something for everyone. It's a special opportunity to connect with nature, meet the experts, and discover the incredible wildlife of Tasmania. Join us and make memories that will inspire and educate!

Don't miss out on this unique event. Reserve your spot today and join us in celebrating the wonders of Tasmanian wildlife.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bangor Vineyard Shed for an afternoon of discovery and inspiration!

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